A Day With Trimpin: The Sound of Invention at the Ellensburg Film Festival

by Ted Dempsy

Having been an Ellensburg resident since 1990 and a Central Washington University grad since 1998.  I have become accustomed to the ‘Burg that I know and see.  Though I live a block off campus, the University is no longer my all encompassing world.  My world is one of work and home.  Toil and art.  I am a silkscreen printer by day and Serigrapher by night.  I’m writing to you because my wife became the treasurer of the Ellensburg Film Festival this last year and I being a supportive husband (and pushover) have been roped into bartending, setting up, cleaning up, heavy lifting, hanging out and available for whatever they think I should do. I didn’t imagine they would ask me to write a review of my experience at an  EFF event but here we are.

My walk north through campus was delightful and filling having secured a foccaccia from Vinmans Bakery.  I enjoyed the sunshine and light fall breeze that reminds us that Winter looms.  I pass many new structures and some old ones from my past.  You can still see the toilet paper pyramids in dorm room windows and packs of undergrads screaming “Oh my God!”  Crossing the old Ganges footbridge on my way to the new music building. I can hear the build up for today’s football game at Tomlinson field.  I enter the CWU Music Recital Hall for the first time and am very impressed by the architecture and comfy chair.  The 50 or so patrons chatter in anticipation of what I have been told is a great film about art.

Trimpin: The Sound of Invention is about the artist known as ‘Trimpin’  His work has appeared all over the world.  You may be familiar with the tower of guitars at Seattle’s EMP.  He collects and creates, collaborates and invents.  He rejects our world to create his own.  Free but not alone.  Trimpin accepts the life/death/rebirth cycle of things.  There is no box to think outside of.  He lives.  This movie inspires me.  I’m very thankful for having seen it.

I walked out very impressed with the movie, facility and operation of the film festival.  Technical advisor, Jeff Shaw, had no problems and we were made welcome by EFF Vice President Sarah Haven.  I’m looking forward to seeing Back to the Garden on Sunday morning at 10:00am.  I think part of what makes EFF special to me is the local involvement and interaction between citizens, volunteers, students, board member, Gallery One, Central Washington University, filmmakers, out-of-towners and in-towners.


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