Mantra Not for the Faint of Heart

by Amy Davison

Tapestry is very bold, making use of a lot of graphic  imagery mixed with origami and video game style set to driving beats. There were freaky, techno, meowing cats that looked even more frightening. The film evoked some laughter and chatter after and was thought of as amusing and fun by many of those in attendance.

Mantra was creepy and very eccentric Guru with six dysfunctional characters. This film was intense for a non-horror  film patron. However, it was great, had creepy music and sounds and all. The character, Guru, steps backwards off cliff (purposely) and kills himself. Total grossness! Then things get even weirder, if that is possible, they finally start talking after the Guru dies even though it was a rule not to. They tell us their names, a bit about themselves and why they are seeking peace at the Buddhist retreat. The audience is lead on a  twisted tour of each of the peoples minds. The whole time I was saying to myself,  “where’s my pillow to hide behind!”

The audience did laugh  at a line that went something like, “but Gary we’re Jewish” as the character is making a sign with his hands to ward off the evil ghostly image of his dead wife. It broke a bit of the tension momentarily and then dumped us right back in to the six separate yet simultaneous nightmares. Fifteen minutes to go. What does it mean when you are counting  minutes? Maybe the film isn’t good, or your taste? For me, I was just practicing for later on when I would not be able to sleep.  Simply laying their watching the red numbers of my alarm clock flash past my eyes while I dreaded what might await behind the subconscious doors of my dreams. Mantra was very artsy yet creepy. I talked to several audience members afterwards. One of which who had followed the lead of various other audience members and did not return. After a brief discussion, it was mentioned that this genre of film was not her thing either. Her friend disclosed that the film was confusing and wondered which parts were really happening to the characters and which where their hallucinations. Overall, we summed it up as “weird” and that also seemed to be the common thought of people trickling away from the theatre.


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