The Return of Spike Lee

By Josh Perrault

Over the past few years I’ve acquired a large appreciation for Spike Lee films, particularly such films as ‘She’s Gotta Have It,’ ‘Do The Right Thing,’ and ‘Crooklyn.’ It’s been a few years since anyone has really heard of the writer/director/producer. Not since his 2008 film ‘Miracle at St. Anna’ which was a flop at the box office has Lee been mentioned much in the rumor mill. For this untial recently when his name was brought up  in the remaking of Korean director Park Chan-Wook’s masterpiece, ‘Oldboy.’ On July 11th, Mandate Pictures sent out a press release confirming the recent report that Lee will in fact direct the remake. It was also said in the press release that the writer behind such films as ‘I Am Legend’ and ‘Thor,’ Mark Protosevich, will be adapting the script for the American remake.

Now that’s not all Lee has been up to recently. More talk has led to the making of another Spike Lee joint called ‘Red Hook Summer,’ in which he will revive one of his most famous characters: Mookie from ‘Do The Right Thing.’ According to Blackfilm, ‘Red Hook Summer’ is said to be about “an adult from Atlanta who comes and spends the summer in the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, NY.” Thought a pretty vague story synopsis, it already sounds like Lee is going back to his roots much like he did in his earlier films. Other than his new HBO project, ‘Da Brick,’ said to be created with producer John Ridley (‘Undercover Brother,’ ‘Three Kings’) and Doug Ellin (‘Entourage’), that is all the news on Spike Lee’s return to silver screen, for now.


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