Netflix Pick: ‘Nice Guy Johnny’

Nice Guy Johnny (2010)
Written & Directed by Edward Burns
90 mins.

By Tim Lucia

Make fun of me if you like — but I have been a closet fan of romantic comedies for some time now.  Edward Burns’ Nice Guy Johnny covers no new ground and is fairly predictable, but I still found myself enjoying it.  Johnny (Matt Bush) is a native New Yorker who hosts a sports radio talk show in Oakland.  He is only 25 and is engaged to a controlling, bitchy fiancee, who wants him to quit his dream job for a more profitable one; working for her father.  Johnny flies home to New York for the interview, but soon meets up with his womanizing Uncle Terry (Burns), who — among others — tells him he is too young to get married.  Johnny grudgingly accepts an invitation to a weekend in the Hamptons with the rascally Terry.  Johnny then meets the charming and attractive Brooke (Kerry Bishe), who encourages him to follow his dreams and not conform to what others want him to do.  Nice Guy Johnny is by no means a great film, but it is quite enjoyable given the right circumstances.  Burns knows the New York rom-com genre well (The Brothers McMullen, She’s The One) and he returns to his roots here.  Nice Guy Johnny is a fun, light-hearted comedy; a perfect date film.


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