Netflix Pick: ‘Winter’s Bone’

Winter’s Bone (2010)
Directed by Debra Granik
100 mins.

By Tim Lucia

Winter’s Bone was my favorite film of 2010.  Debra Granik’s raw, gritty, nail-biting drama is one of the best American films in years.  17-year old Ree Dolly (Jennifer Lawrence, The Burning Plain, X-Men: First Class) lives in backwoods Missouri, where she raises her younger siblings; her mother an invalid, her father an absent meth manufacturer.  Their dirt-poor Ozark existence and home is all they know.  One day, the local Sheriff (Seattle native Garrett Dillahunt) comes to door and informs Ree her father skipped bail and put their house up as collateral.  Knowing their home is all they have, and without it her brother and sister will be forced into foster care, Ree takes action.  She sets out on an incredibly dangerous journey through a meth and crime-filled Appalachian underworld to find her father and save her family.  John Hawkes (Deadwood, Me You and Everyone We Know) turns in an unforgettable performance as Teardrop Dolly, Ree’s mysterious uncle.  Lawrence also turns in the  performance of a lifetime as Ree.  Granik and her co-writer (and fellow Seattle native) Anne Rosellini adapted their script from Danny Woodrell’s novel.  Winter’s Bone received Academy Award nominations for Best Picture, Best Actress (Lawrence), Best Supporting Actor (Hawkes), and Best Adapted Screenplay.


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