Netflix Pick: ‘Cold Weather’

Cold Weather (2010)
Written, Edited, & Directed by Aaron Katz
96 mins.

By Tim Lucia

In interesting film, Cold Weather is sort-of a Mumblecore movie, but more like if Gus Van Sant or Kelly Reichardt directed an elongated episode of Bored to Death.  Doug (Cris Lankenau) returns home to Portland, OR (hence the Van Sant and Reichardt influence — the film is shot similarly to Paranoid Park) after dropping out of school for Forensic Science in Chicago.  He moves in with his somewhat sympathetic sister Gail (Trieste Kelly Dunn) and gets a job at an ice factory where he meets Carlos (Raul Castillo).  Doug’s ex-girlfriend from Chicago (Robyn Rikoon) shows up in Portland, and then subsequently disappears.  Doug eventually puts his schooling for Forensics and his love of old Sherlock Holmes books to use as he begins to play amateur detective along with his two cohorts.  Cold Weather is not a film for everyone, but fans of Van Sant, Reichardt, and Mumblecore should enjoy it.  The pacing is quite slow, but the cinematography is excellent.  Cold Weather was shot on location in Portland, The Dalles, and Cannon Beach.


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