On The Horizon: Darren Aronofsky’s ‘Noah’

By Josh Perrault

Darren Aronofsky’s (The Wrestler, Black Swan) name has been popping up just about everywhere recently as being attached to numerous different projects, most of them falling through. After dropping out as director for the rumored new Wolverine film, as well as showing some response to directing the adaptation of author Max Barry’s ongoing online serial, ‘Machine Man’ (check it out, it’s amazing), it was uncertain to as what the award winning director will make next. However, until recently it looks like there is one future project that he will be sticking with, a biblical epic of the story of Noah. Aronofsky has been attached to the idea of a big screen adaptation of Noah’s Ark for quite some time. In fact, it’s been ever since he was 13-years-old when he a won a poetry contest at his school in Brooklyn for a poem about the end of the world as seen through the eyes of Noah. It’s surprising to think that the story of Noah would become an obsession to Aronofsky who’s characters in his films are commonly found to be on the brink of self-destruction However, as stated by Aronofsky, the film will highlight what’s been “censored out of our religious upbringing.” Sounds interesting enough.

Other rumors have surfaced as to the fact Aronofsky is planning on making his adaptation into a graphic novel first to help sell the idea to studios. However, the rating project of the film to be very R-rated has seemed to make some studios reluctant to sign on. But, take one look at Black Swan and that’s all you need to see that Aronofsky can truly deliver a very edgy, R-rated film. As of lately the projected $150 million budgeted film has New Regency on board for half of the project, and though the deel isn’t official it looks like Paramount, with a little competition from 20th Century Fox, will be stepping up to take on the other half. There are also rumors floating around of Aronofsky’s attempts to get Christian Bale on board as Noah to help persuade more financiers.

Though the hype of Darren Aronofsky’s next project has only recently gained steam, the project has been percolating for quite some time now. Aronofsky has been dropping hints of the project in interviews ever since 2006 while he was promoting his most recent film at the time, The Fountain. It seems that things are moving along and Darren Aronofsky will be able to make his biblical epic. In the past there have been a few talks of Aronofsky to direct Exodus, a biblical epic of Moses. The talk of a Moses film has died down now, giving Aronofsky the perfect opportunity to make Noah. If the time is right, which it is, Aronofsky will finally get to make his much hoped for biblical film.


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