BENEATH THE MOVIE – EFF’s teen filmmaking workshop


The Ellensburg Film Festival is collaborating with the Ellensburg Public Library‘s teen summer reading program “Beneath the Surface” with our second annual teen filmmaking workshop “Beneath the Movie,” August 6-8, 2013.

This is an effort to support teens in expressing their creativity by telling a story through film. Participants will collaborate to write, film and edit a two minute film based on an original screenplay developed by the group. The finished movies will be shown on the last day of the workshop and will also be screened at the upcoming 9th Annual Ellensburg Film Festival, October 4-6, 2013.

Here are the class details:

32 teens have signed up. They will be divided into three crews and assigned 2-3 instructors per group.

This year’s workshop staff are:

Producer – Josephine Camarillo, Children’s Librarian

Director – Ralla Vickers, EFF Board Secretary

Volunteer instructors:

John Otteni, EFF Intern and CWU Film & Video Studies student

Jordan Perry, Maddie Schlesinger and Nick White, Clearwater Studios Access Channel staff

Allison Carpenter, Elizabeth Maurer, Laura Newman, Lynn Ostenberg and Debbie Rowden


The CWU Film & Video Studies helped secure four Vixia cameras for filming. Volunteers are donating the use of their personal Macbook Pro computers to edit the footage using iMovie.

Stay tuned for updates!


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